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Hawaii is a beautiful place with so many amazing islands but the most common and where most first timers go is Waikiki Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. For my first time in Hawaii this is exactly what I did too.

The best thing about Hawaii is that for us Aussies who are usually facing a 24 hour plus flight to go overseas, Hawaii is only around an 8 hour flight from Melbourne! The flights there are getting cheaper and cheaper and soon it will most likely be a regular destination for a tropical holiday for us Australians all the way down here.

I went to Hawaii to celebrate my 21st birthday, me and one of my friends packed up our things and started a journey! It was an amazing place to spend my birthday and even more exciting as in the US you cant start drinking till you’re 21 so it’s a really big birthday for them where as in Australia you can drink when you’re 18 so turning 21 isn’t really as exciting.

Theres a bunch of really fun things to do over in Waikiki and the lifestyle over there is more relaxed than I’ve seen which makes holidaying there even better. 

We stayed the the Hilton Waikiki Beach Resort and it was a really nice hotel, nothing super amazing but definitely had a comfy bed for us to come home to every night and also a 24/7 restaurant which was handy for a late night feed

I vlogged my trip away so you can watch my video here or keep reading to see our day by day itinerary!

Day 1

We arrived in the morning although by the time we found our shuttle got out of the airport and to our hotel, checked in and all of that it was probably just after lunch time. So I would definitely suggest leaving about half a day to get all of that done because it always take longer than you expect.

In the afternoon of day 1 we headed down to the main beach of Waikiki for a little bit of relaxation and to recover from the flight over.

For Dinner we went to the Cheesecake Factory. I have been to the US before but somehow I had never been to a Cheesecake Factory and let me tell you, you have to go! They had the best cocktails (and they free pour, hello alcohol) and such yummy food. There is usually a wait for a table so they give you a little buzzer and we just waited in the bar and had a drink, didn’t even feel like we were waiting long! And definitely come here when youre super hungry, the servings are huuuuge!

Day 2

This day was my actual birthday so I decided I wanted to have a massive shopping day!

We took the trolley which luckily the stop was right outside of our hotel but the stops are everywhere so I’m sure there will be one close by! And headed to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre which is the main shopping centre in Waikiki! They have almost every American shop you can think of and the centre is also outside so its a lovely way to spend the day. I sort of accidentally spent like $1000 in Sephora this day.. I kind of went all out because it was my birthday so if you want to see what I got then all I leave my haul links here!

Then as it was my birthday and perfectly matching up with being on a Saturday we headed out for a night of all sorts of fun! We went to Dukes for some pre-drinks before, this place is located at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort and is a really pretty bar the faces onto the beach. We went here because I read a lot about it online and it was a really nice vibe although is not really a place for younger people, there were people of all ages and families as well, so just thought I would mention that so you know what to expect, because I was not expecting that!

Then we went to Sky Nightclub which is this awesome rooftop bar that turns into a club after 10pm. It was such a fun place and everyone was super friendly, so if you’re looking for a night out I would totally recommend Sky!

Day 3

This day was a little bit of a recovery session, we were extremely hungover. So a big sleeping was in order and then we spent a little time at the beach!

We booked back on the first day to do a Luau this evening and we did it at Paradise Cove. There are a lot of different companies that offer Luaus as it is a native event to Hawaii and definitely something you need to do when visiting the island. I have heard some bad reviews of other Luaus so I would definitely suggest going through Paradise Cove, it was such an awesome night and so much fun. We just booked through their online website and we also opted to be picked up from our hotel so it was a very easy process.

Day 4

This day we had booked in to do a Circle Island tour. This is basically just a tour of the whole island of Oahu. We just booked this tour online again though a touritsy website (I have no idea what the link was) but there was nothing super amazing about our tour, we just had a driver to who drove us around all day and gave some good facts. We chose a tour that went to the Pineapple Factory, Waimea Waterfall, Sunset Beach, the Blow Hole, the windiest place on earth, Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head and a few other random stops along they way. Depending on exactly what you want to see just read through the different types of tours they offer and you’ll find one with what you’d like to be included!

Day 5

We nominated this day as a beach and super relaxing day. We headed down to the Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon in the late morning and had lunch on the beach and spent the rest of the day on Waikiki Beach

Day 6

Hanauma Bay this morning! This was one of the things I was most excited for as I love snorkeling and seeing all of the fishys! We booked a tour through Ike’s Tours and he came and picked us from our hotel and included snorkeling gear. Ike was probably the best tour guide I’ve ever had, we was so down to earth and answered any question you threw at him, I would definitely recommend.

The time of year I went was during their wet season so unfortunately the water wasn’t as clear as it usually is in the dry season, it was also very wavey but we still got to see some really cool fish!

We chose to do the morning tour and got back around 2pm, so we just had a super late lunch at our hotel. Then the afternoon we went for a walk along Kalakaua Avenue which is the main street along the beach and is filled with lost of little stalls, shops and all sorts of people.

Day 7

This day happened to be thanksgiving for us, which for Australians who don’t celebrate this holiday was really fun. We went for dinner at the Shorebird for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner which was so yum! And during the day we made the most of the early Black Friday sales and shopped up a storm. Ideally we would have like to have gone to pearl harbor on this day but with it being a public holiday all of the tours we closed so we couldn’t go.

Day 8

We had a super early flight home!

This is my complete Itinerary for 1 week in Waikiki Hawaii! There was just one thing we missed which I wished we had of done, but time just went so quickly! This was to climb up to the top of Diamond Head and see the view, we did see it on our circle island tour however I would have really liked to do the walk as well!

Have the best time in Waikiki babes! x