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Whether you’re backpacking, going on a quick holiday over the weekend, or just trying to save money but still travel, there are so many awesome reasons to stay in hostels, they are super cheap and one of the most fun ways to travel in my opinion, you will meet so many unique people and you just don’t get that experience anywhere else.

Buuuut lets get down to the real, nitty-gritty of staying in dorm beds, it’s not always fun and games, people can snore super loudly (one of my pet peeves), come in late at night and make heaps of noise or just simply be super inconsiderate.

So I have put together my little guide to surviving your stay in hostels to make sure you have the best possible time there! Here are my best 7 tips for you babes!

Staying in a shared dorm hostel can be a little daunting. All these random people in the same room. Here is my first timers guide to surviving shared hostel rooms! Click the image!

Smallest Dorm in Your Price Range

Think about it, the fewer beds, fewer people, fewer reasons to be woken in the middle of the night. I personally will try to go for 6 or 8-bed dorms, I find this number of beds is still pretty cheap and it’s a good amount of people to have in the room. I would highly recommend not staying in a 20 or I’ve ever seen a 32 bed room, you will literally feel like your in a prison cell and unless you can sleep through a number 10 earthquake then you won’t be sleeping hunny! But if that’s all you can afford then maybe the next few tips will help you out!


Every single night I will sleep with headphones in, this way it blocks out any noise being made meaning it’s much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep! I will listen to guided sleep meditations or just some music or ever some rain/thunderstorms, I love how you can customise what exactly you are listening to. Otherwise if you don’t like listening to anything when you’re falling asleep you can try earplugs but personally, I hate sleeping in silence so I don’t ever do this, just depends on how you like to sleep, girl!

Pick A Good Hostel

There are a few things I like to look for when booking a hostel room. These little things just make your time there that little bit better

  • Pod Beds – separates you from the room and you will get a better nights sleep because you won’t be woken up by other people
  • Personal Power Outlets – you can charge your phone overnight and saves time in the morning so you don’t have to wait for it to charge
  • Kitchen – so you can cook your own food
  • Lockers – this is a must! You want to make sure your stuff is safe and doesn’t get stolen
  • Free Breaky – just a little extra money-saving perk
  • Bed Linen – way to much weight and luggage space to carry your own linen

Talk to Your Roommates

A simple hi when you walk into the room can change everything. If you’re travelling solo then this is an awesome way to meet new people as well! Talking to your roommates and getting to know them can make the whole process a little better, if they have gotten to know you then they are likely to be more considerate when in the room and it also just makes being in the room more comfortable because you’ve broken the awkward ice!

Pack Your Bag the Night Before You Leave

I’m sure you’re wanting people to be considerate of you so you need to be considerate back. If you have to leave early in the morning MAKE SURE you pack the night before. I can not stress this enough, it is honestly the most annoying thing hearing a million zips being undone and done up 5 am5am in the morning. So make sure you’re all packed with your clothes laid out the night before so all you have to do is get dressed and leave, making as little noise as possible.

Bring Your Own Pillowcase

If you think about it, your face spends a lot of time leaning on a pillow, 8 hours a night depending on how long you sleep for obviously and while you want to think your sheets are clean (which they most likely are) I just don’t like to risk my face being in contact with pillowcases when I have no idea where it has been. So I will, most of the time, use my own pillowcase which I wash regularly and I know is clean and okay for my skin to be spending so much time on. You only get one face and you need to take care of it, your skin is so sensitive on your face and I don’t know about you but I like to avoid breakouts as much as possible!

Choose Your Bed Wisely (if you can)

Some hostels will already give a bed number so you’re kinda stuck there but if you’re at a hostel where you can make sure you choose it strategically. The first decision, top or bottom? Personally, I like the bottom just because I’m really small and honestly I hate trying to climb up those ladders, often the steps are too far apart for how short my legs are and it’s just a really awkward encounter. Although there are pros of a top bunk, you’re less likely to be interrupted and people won’t put stuff on your bed. Just a few things to think about when choosing top or bottom bunk. Then to choose which actual bed, I generally try to go for the one furthest away from the door and then from the window, and try to get one against a wall so I can face the wall when I’m sleeping and it makes me feel a little more closed off from the room and then I will get a better nights sleep!



Staying in a shared dorm hostel can be a little daunting. All these random people in the same room. Here is my first timers guide to surviving shared hostel rooms! Click the image!