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I once had a flight you would only dream about in your worst night mare, 43 hours in transit.. At this point I was traveling with my dad and he had absolutely no plan on what he wanted to do, so to get us home we had to trek from Nice France to London to Edinburgh Scotland to Doha to finally Melbourne, it took fourty-freakin-three hours to get home. But for me it was actually that bad!
Most people dread the long haul flights, it is weird for me to say I actually enjoy them?! I think I have really nailed down the art of getting through those extremely long flights and just simply make them feel like a few hours long…
Heres how I do it:
Comfy Clothes 
I feel like I see all of these cute as fuck plane photos with gals looking glam as all hell, and my reaction to that is WTF. You need to be a comfortable as possible, you don’t need to be wearing that cute new dress (the plane is as cold as the North Pole) and a full face of makeup, yeah no way will that still look cute after 24 hours in transit. Skip the makeup and wear a super comfy outfit, my fav is a pair of leggings, t-shirt and a fluffy cardi! You’ll thank me later.
This is a must. Especially the pillow. I will never get on a plane without one of those u-shaped pillow things (I’m sure they have a real name??) Memory Foam ones are seriously the bomb, there is nothing more comfy than this! And trust me you can get ones that are on the cheapy side and even fold up to be compact. I feel like this is not the greatest description, have a look see here! And a blanket if possible, but I get that we are usually space restrained on flights so a long cardi or a scarf can double up as the perfect blanket but still be worn later on the trip. These 2 in combo give me a little more of a feeling that I’m in a bed and help me to be waaaay more comfy and get a better sleep.
On those long ass in transit times YOU HAVE TO SLEEP. I actually can’t stress this enough, without any sleep you will be feeling horrible then ever. I know a lot of people struggle to sleep on a plane but just try to get yourself as comfortable as possible, maybe put some earphones in to cancel out any other noise and have a little nap, I promise you you will be feeling much better after and it helps to pass a lot of time on the plane!
Something to Entertain Yourself
I feel like this is where we need to think of ourselves as a small child, you always need to bring something along for them to entertain themselves with, you now need to do this for your adult self. My personal fav thing to do on a plane is to edit my YouTube videos and work on my other social media platforms but of course not everyone has hobbies like that.
Another thing I will do if I’m not feeling the Youtube vibe is watch Netflix! Now you’re probably thinking “ahh Rylie you need an internet connection for Netflix” well you actually don’t! They have introduced an awesome new feature where you can download episodes to watch offline.. Is that not the best feature ever invented? Literally perfect for plane flights!
OR you could bring a book along to read, listen to music, bring a relaxation colouring book, just what ever you enjoy to do! This will definitely help to pass a few hours.
Skin Care 
For me my skin feels horrible on flights, possibly because my skin type is already dry and being on a flight sucks out any bit of moisture I have left. Bring a relaxing face mask! My fav is definitely the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud, the best thing about this mask is you can’t actually see it. Once you put it on it’s just like a clear film sitting on top of your skin and then to make this bad boy even better, you don’t even have to wash it off!! You can just rub in the residue like a normal moisturizer and then trust you skin will feel amaze.
But, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous definitely try a sheet mask (you should see people’s reactions when they walk past you) but seriously they are one of the best to give you back moisture so that’s perfect for a long haul flight and it will definitely help to relax you!
Let me know if my little tips have help you babes conquer those long ass flights! x
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