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Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. This is the biggest tool you can use to get you further in life and only you can make it happen.

So I wanted to share with you the exact ways I invest in myself because we all hear about the 309202 ways you can but which are the most realistic to implement? Below are the best and simplest ways I have found with the biggest pay off!

Looking for ways to improve yourself? Investing in yourself is the best way to better yourself in life, tips and tools you will use for the rest of your life. Check out this post for ways to invest in yourself in your twenties!


Podcasts are one of the newer things that have come into my life, yes they have been around for a million years but I never really understood the full extent of them. They are these amazing audio tracks that can give you so much information in such a short amount of time for FREE! Podcasts are an awesome way to invest in yourself as they can be listened to at any time or anywhere while you’re doing mindless tasks. They are held by people with such insight and knowledge on their chosen topic and they just want to share as much as possible with you.

The key to actually using their full potential is to find topics that you want to learn about and get more of an understanding of. Then from there find hosts that you love their personality, their voice and the way they present their show, otherwise, you won’t really feel any enjoyment in listening and won’t actually get much out of them.

I personally love personal development & health related topics, so I will list a few that are my favs for you to check out and maybe get started with!


You hear it all the time, so why aren’t you doing it?! Exercise is something we all struggle with keeping consistent but the importance of it is way up there so we really need to put a high priority on making it happen. Investing in yourself through exercise means you will be healthier, leading to better performance through work and your day to day life, it will help you live longer and not to mention decrease your risk in developing many diseases.

Finding an exercise type that you genuinely like and want to actually do every day is one of the hardest things about maintaining this activity. I have struggled for years with this, I was a cheerleader for 6 years and I loved it, it was the best way to help me stay fit but due to lifestyle changes, I wasn’t able to keep doing it. So since that, I have really struggled to find a way that I like to exercise and I have tried a lot of different ways, currently, I am learning to run 5 kilometres and am enjoying that for the moment.

I’m putting this on the list as a free way because I am a strong believer that exercise doesn’t have to cost you a thing. There are so many other ways to exercise and find something you like without paying for the gym or a personal trainer, but if that’s your thing then definitely go for it.

Here are some free ways I like to exercise:

  • 5K Run – the app I am currently using to learn to run 5Ks, it is completely free no catches
  • Youtube Videos – Fitness Blender is the channel I generally use however there are heaps out there so just try a few different ones and see which you like
  • Pinterest – There are heaps of really awesome infographic type images on there that will give you a full work out so search for whatever type of workout you’re after


I invest in my mind through meditation and I can’t even begin to tell you the amazing feeling I get after every session that is then carried throughout my whole day. It has amazing benefits such as encouraging a healthy lifestyle, which is something we all strive for, isn’t it?! Reduces stress, increases happiness, it slows ageing and encourages cardiovascular and immune health. 

Many of us are under the impression that meditation is the practice of thinking nothing, this is definitely not the case, in fact, that is an almost impossible thing to do. Instead, it increases awareness of thoughts and focuses and calms the mind.

I currently love the app Headspace and while this isn’t free, there is a monthly membership fee I really just wanted to suggest it to you. There is a free 10-day trial to see if it’s for you but if you’re not interested in paying for it, I will list some other free resources.

  • Meditation Minis Podcast with Chel Hamilton – around 10-minute meditation episodes and she has a whole heap to help with all different topics, such as stress, anxiety and letting go
  • Meditation Vacation – This is a youtube channel with heaps of guided meditations, this is my go-to for sleep meditation, they also have episodes with binaural beats to help you fall asleep easier

Never Stop Learning

Surround yourself with insightful and knowledgeable people and you’ll find yourself constantly learning new things every day. There is sometimes the impression that once school is over that your learning is done for your life but how will you grow as a person if you never learn new things. How will you excel in your career or get further in life? You need to learn new things and every day if possible!

Skillshare is an amazing tool to learn new things, it’s a platform where other people record classes in their chosen field to teach you about. There is a whole bunch of free classes on there where you can learn anything from how to write a blog post to DIY projects to a whole lot of technical stuff. There is also a paid premium version of this platform and you can get 2 months free to test and see if you like it. But if you’re not into that you can just stick to the free classes!

I’m currently learning how to do hand lettering through Peggy Deans class, let me know what you’re learning in the comment below!


When someone says read to me I instantly think of books and while books are a great resource to read there are other options out there. Blogs, like what you’re reading now is a great way to invest in yourself. There are so many awesome blogs out there about any topic you want to know about, so set aside some time and increase your knowledge about something new or a topic you’re interested in.

Still a book nerd at heart? If you want to read for free just head to your nearest library (yes they do still exist) and you can rent a book from there. Or do you prefer to listen to books? Get 2 free audiobooks on Audible!

Set Goals

Goal setting is something a lot of people tend to struggle a little bit with. The tendency is to write these goals down and that’s it, just expect them to happen or something. Hate to break it to you honey, but it’s not going to work that way.

The way Brooke Castillo describes goal setting in this podcast really helped me understand how to correctly set goals to achieve them, give it a listen and take her advice. It works trust me.

Make An Apocolist

This probably sounds like a bit of an odd suggestion on this list. If you don’t know what an apocolist is, I’m not really sure either because I am yet to watch the TV show it comes from No Tomorrow but I do know it is basically like a bucket list but with a way cooler name.

Make a list of everything you would want to do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow. This is a really great way to invest in yourself because seeing that list actually written down and all the awesome life experiences you want to have will motivate you to tick some off.

Morning Routine

Now I understand that not everyone is a morning person, I mean I’m not really either but everyone needs to develop a morning routine. Morning routines are a little bit of time in your day where you can allow yourself to do things for you and only you, meditate, read a book, exercise, basically implement any of the topics I have mentioned above.

Starting your day in the same (or very similar) way every day is a really important habit to develop. It will make you much more productive during the day and if you develop a routine that you genuinely love, it will make getting out of bed so much easier in the mornings. You won’t be dreading getting out of bed to go to the 9-5 job you hate, instead, you will go to sleep already wanting to wake up the next morning to complete your routine. So make sure you add in activities that you truly love doing and that will better you each and every day.

My few little tips to creating a perfect morning routine are too, first of all, write down everything you want to get done in the morning, and these can be as simple as brushing your teeth or putting the dog out (if you’re blessed to have one, I, on the other hand, wish I had this problem *cue tears*). Now have a look at this list and figure out what you can realistically get done, make sure to start small you don’t want to overwhelm yourself that’s not the idea here.

Next step is to write down somewhere all of the tasks you have chosen and just focus on those for 7 days. Then you can add another or aim for a longer amount of time and soon enough it will become second nature to you, you won’t even have to think about it.

Oh, a little tip make sure you’re waking up at the same time every day to make sure this routine will last. This is an area where you will often see people go wrong – yes including me sometimes, but I try my hardest to maintain getting out of bed at the same time everyday.



Looking for ways to improve yourself? Investing in yourself is the best way to better yourself in life, tips and tools you will use for the rest of your life. Check out this post for ways to invest in yourself in your twenties!