I fell in love with the word wanderlust the second I first heard it. Who doesn’t want to travel the world? See whats out there? Travel has changed my life in amazing ways and I hope it can change yours too!

does the thought of traveling alone freak you out? Here is how to make the most of traveling solo!

TRAVELING ALONE: How to Make the Most of it

More often than you would think I get people saying to me ” You travel solo?? How do you do that? Doesn’t it freak you out being all alone?” My answer is always… HELL NO Last year was the first time I traveled on my own and let me tell ya it was one of the […] Read more…

If you’re a follower of mine from over on YouTube then you would definitely know that I strongly suffer from being an over packer. (And if you don’t then get over there girl what you doing?!) Every time I go to pack I just think “oh but what if I need this” or “you never know I might want to wear this fur jacket even though it’s a summer vacay” I just can not help myself! Last week I went on a little girls get away to Sydney (I’m from melbs if you’re wondering) and we were trying to do it on the cheap cause you know I’m all about that travel life and can’t be spending ridiculous amounts of money on travels because I wasn’t to be traveling as much as possible and money is generally the reason I can’t be traveling. So for this reason we decided to stick with carry on only. Yes you read that right CARRY ON ONLY! I have never travelled with carry on only, mind you this is probably because I’m a bit of a go big or go home type of traveller and go on quite long trips instead of short ones (also cause I’m from aus and it takes/cost so much to get anywhere) So I am extremely proud of myself to say that I managed to only pack carry on for this trip! And I have a lot of useful tips for anyone who struggles to pack light!

Over Packers Guide: Packing Carry On Only

If you’re a follower of mine from over on YouTube then you would definitely know that I strongly suffer from being an over packer. (And if you don’t then get over there girl what you doing?!) Every time I go to pack I just think “oh but what if I need this” or “you never […] Read more…

How To Budget For South East Asia Travel

Isn’t South East Asia a beautiful place, so much yummy food, so many beautiful places to see and everything is basically dirt cheap. I actually don’t know how you can go wrong there. I spent 6 weeks travelling around South East Asia last year, I went to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. There were so […] Read more…

Planning a trip to Europe? Don't know how much it will cost? Here is my complete breakdown of how much I spent in 4 months travelling Europe! Click through to how much Europe will cost

How To Budget For Europe Travel

I travelled for 4 months around Europe last year and a lot of you might not know but that’s actually the reason I started this blog. I wanted to be able to share all of my experiences with you and everything I have learnt about long-term travel. This has been a highly requested topic and […] Read more…

Staying in a shared dorm hostel can be a little daunting. All these random people in the same room. Here is my first timers guide to surviving shared hostel rooms! Click the image!

First Timers Guide to Surviving Shared Hostels

Whether you’re backpacking, going on a quick holiday over the weekend, or just trying to save money but still travel, there are so many awesome reasons to stay in hostels, they are super cheap and one of the most fun ways to travel in my opinion, you will meet so many unique people and you […] Read more…

Are you going on a solo travel trip? Travelling as a solo female was the best thing I have ever done. Here are my tips on how to travel solo especially as a female to make the most of your travel time! Click here!

My Top Tips For Solo Female Travel

A lot of people I have met that ask if I’m travelling alone have this shocked face when I say yes. Like it isn’t something a female can do on her own. They tell me I’m brave or very confident. When I’m actually really not, solo travel is nothing to be afraid of, in fact, […] Read more…

Want to travel to Europe? It sure can be hella expensive! In this post I am sharing with you how to travel Europe cheap in your twenties! Click through to see my cheap travel tips!

How to Travel Europe on the Cheap in Your 20s

Spending 4 months travelling throughout Europe taught me a few things. Europe is hella expensive. But only if you make it expensive, it is possible to travel on the cheap. Traveling for 6 months on just the money I saved prior definitely made me think about what I was spending. My style of travelling is […] Read more…

Want to travel but are still conscious of staying healthy? Here is how I stay healthy while I travel and habits you can start to travel healthy! Click to see my tips on being a healthy traveller!

Healthy Traveller: How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

At the moment of writing this post, I am almost 5 months into travelling. At the start of the trip while I was in Europe I was eating whatever I wanted, huge portions sizes, dessert every night, unlimited snacks and never doing any exercise. So, of course, this resulted in a little weight gain but […] Read more…

Heading to Southeast Asia and not sure what to pack? I am sharing with you my perfect Southeast Asia packing list with everything you will need to take. Click through to see the list!

Ultimate Packing List For South East Asia

If this is your first time visiting my blog or haven’t seen any of my Youtube videos then you should definitely know this is not a true minimalist way of packing, I like to think of it as an over packers minimalist guide. I am very guilty of over packing so I feel as though this […] Read more…

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