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Struggling to tick off your to-do list? Productivity can be a tough task to master but using these 7 ways you will be more productive than ever. Click through to see my top productivity tips!

Ever had those times where you feel like you have a million things to do so you get started on something just to find yourself getting distracted by something else, which leads you to starting another thing just for it to get to the end of the day and you’ve found that you’ve started 3 million different tasks and not completed one of them.. leaving you feeling extremely unproductive.

I am very guilty of doing this way too much, the worst is social media, oh my I can spend hours getting caught in down a rabbit hole of something that has nothing to do with what I originally planned to do. I have found myself slowly bringing in these little tips and my productivity has drastically improved!


Planning is something I feel as though a lot of people talk about doing but not as many people actually implement it. The real key to being successful in life is to actually implement the information you are leaning, so please go get a pen and paper, an app, a bullet journal or whatever you feel is the best way you plan and actually do it!

When I first started my blog I made the HUGE mistake of not planning out what I wanted to do, I just made a website, started promoting it, then I realised there were so many things I did wrong, did without thinking because I simply didn’t have a plan, it was all over the place. Which in turn meant I had to go back and re-do a lot of things that I wasn’t happy with or wanted to change, simply because I didn’t plan it at all. This was a massive time waster and really made me way less productive than I could have been.

I now record everything in my bullet journal as this is the best way I find to plan out my life and everything is running so much smoother. I am way more productive and get so much more done in way less time.

Resource: Want to get started bullet Journalling but now sire how? I have written a post fully explaining how to start a bullet journal or you can watch my monthly plan with mes here!

Time blocking

I’m telling you, time blocking is a LIFE CHANGER! Seriously I don’t know why nobody told me about it sooner, now there’s so much detail I could into about time blocking and its benefits but I’ll just try to keep it short. Time blocking is the idea of blocking out an allocated amount of time to focus on one task. It really ensures you focus on the one activity at a time without getting distracted which in turn means you will complete a lot more of the given task than if you were to spread it out over different times.

For me it works best with emails, don’t they just seem never-ending? Well with time blocking my emails I actually manage to get through them all. I will block out about half an hour a few times a week so just sit down and reply to emails, read through the spammy ones (anyone else guilty of that?) and organise them all. These means I am not constantly checking my emails multiple times a day and wasting time while getting distracted from another task.

You may need to up it to once a day or once a week, just flex the time blocks to work for whatever your needs are.

Resource: Perfect post explaining exactly how everyone can benefit from time blocking – How to take ownership of your day with time blocking


You might say to yourself I’ll just do this activity for 20 mins and then do something else (which is usually the more important thing) after that. But then it’s 3 hours later and you’ve bought 3 outfits for your dog, a new pair of shoes and about 473 other things you didn’t need and you’ve got nothing else done. It’s really important to actually set timers and make sure you don’t go over the time you had planned. There are a lot of apps and websites that can block out whatever you set it to and they probably work great. Although I personally find that setting a timer on the iPhone app works perfectly fine!

The way I like to use this tip is with social media, mainly because it’s the one place I could spend hours and hours on and not even realise. I will set a 15-minute timer on my phone and that’s the amount of time I will spend on Instagram just scrolling and seeing what everyone’s up to. Once the timer goes off I will instantly get out of the app. This way I am more productive with my time because I do not spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media when I don’t need to be.

Resource: Good Ol’ iPhone timer app

Be realistic

Sometimes you might feel like you weren’t productive today and get really down about it. But have you ever thought that maybe what you aimed for was actually unrealistic and you were basically setting yourself up to fail?

I have this bad habit of writing a huge, like a mammoth to-do list and saying to myself okay I’m going to get all of this done today. So it gets to the end of the day and I have only done half of the list, I feel pretty shitty. This is where I really try to remind myself to actually think about how much I can get done, sometimes there’s just not enough time in a day to get everything done.

Schedule in breaks

This is often something that is overlooked and never planned for but we are all human and we need breaks, we just do. There’s no way you can function properly if you never give yourself a break. I think it’s because we think ‘oh well I’m trying to be as productive as possible why would I stop doing the tasks I wanted to get done’.

Well here’s a reason why you will burn out and you will become much less productive than if you just took a little break. It can be as small as 10 minutes, to do some meditation, read a few pages of a book, listen to a short podcast, whatever you like to do. Take a break girl, you’ll thank me later.

Be motivated

I get that this is a little easier said than done. There’s are lots of ways to get motivated, give a few a go and see what works best. If you’re actually feeling motivated then you’re more likely to want to get it done and you will work faster and harder. I really love the idea of vision boards, this is something I’m definitely going to try when I stop travelling and spend a bit of time at home!

Resource:How To Make a Vision Board and Actually Use It

Set goals

You need something to work towards, this is one of the biggest ways to increase productivity and motivated. If you have nothing to work towards and it may feel like you’re doing all this work for no reason and girl that’s not getting you anywhere. Set some goals, some realistic goals (don’t even get me started on setting unrealistic goals) and watch that productivity go through the roof.

Resource: Check out my goal setting post here! I go into full detail about breaking down your goals to actually reach them!



Struggling to tick off your to-do list? Productivity can be a tough task to master but using these 7 ways you will be more productive than ever. Click through to see my top productivity tips!