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Planning a trip, especially a big one can be a very daunting task. Where do I start? Where should I go? How long should I stay for? Where should I stay?

Planning my fist “big” trip definitely felt like that at the start but it became much easier with the use of a few apps! And these are very easy to use I promise! My 6 month trip was an absolute mess at the start and within a little amount of time using these handy guys it all started to fall into place.
Also just to mention – these all have websites as well if your not an apps person!

I like to start here on Pinterest, it is seriously the best way to find out information. Think of it as a google search but instead of answers being in word form they come through as pictures to that you through to the site. I honestly get so much more out of a Pinterest search than a google search when wanting to find out travel related stuff. There are so many posts out in the Pinterest world, from itineraries to budgets to just suggestions of place you should visit. This is the only place I did any research on where I was going. I feel as though it is smaller more personal blogs who share their content on here, instead of large corporations just trying to sell you things, you can find genuine people sharing their knowledge.

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I basically book every accommodation I stay at through this app. It it insanely clear and easy to use, they list everything you would want to know about the accomodation and they have all sorts of accom on here, apartments, hotels, hostels basically anything! And my fav thing about this app is that majority of the places listed have free cancellation. Now I’m not talking cancellation and you still pay 1 nights fee, nope just free cancellation full stop. Now make sure you read the terms of your booking as some can be cancelled the day before but some require a weeks notice, so always check. I have personally cancelled through this app and it has been once of the easiest processes. Booking,com also generally have the option to pay nothing until you get there with no deposit, which I really like because you never know what might happen!


Hostel World
If you are a hostel stayer, or want to become one, Hostel world is a great app to browse and find really good hostels. I just get the vibe of the reviews on this website are much more from a person knowing they are staying in a hostel view. Often the review on on hostels are people not really realizing what a hostel is and what to expect from one. I have seen things comments like “really noisy bar downstair so I couldn’t sleep” when the hostel clearly states its a place for party-ers! So a lot of the time I will go over to Hostel World to read their reviews and rating but I will always go back to to actually book it as they will most likely have the option to pay nothing now and free cancellation.

Rome 2 Rio
This app CHANGED MY LIFE! One of my friends introduced me to it about half way through planning my trip and I don’t know how I didn’t find it earlier. It will tell you how to get from anywhere in the world to the place you want to go. Looking to go from Antarctica to France? Rome to Rio! Nah that probably a bit extreme but if you’re wondering how to get from one city to another, like Ho chi Minh City to Halong bay or I was in desperate need of finding a way from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Mykonos (please tell why its so hard to get anywhere from Croatia?!) it will give you basically any possible option of transport. Plane, bus, train, personal driver, literally anything and how much they cost, how long it will take and when they depart, seriously a super handy app!

XE Currency
So you’re booking all these things trying to figure out how much they all cost? Doing a little long division in your head to convert into your own currency… Yeah thats not going to work. XE Currency will convert literally any currencies at the current rate. A much easier way of figuring out how much everything will cost!

Happy travel planning babes, hopefully I’ve help to make it a little easier for you! x