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Packing and lugging all your belongings around can be a serious pain especially on those long trips. Keeping everything organised almost seems impossible. Leading up to my 6 month trip I knew I needed to do something about my packing situation as my previous routine was “shove everything in and sit on it till you can close the zips” I knew this wasn’t going to work for traveling for this long.

So I have searched every single corner of the endless eBay world and found the best and most essential things you need for traveling and packing!

Disclaimer: All the heading below take you to the eBay search, these are affiliate links to help keep this site running, however I have purchased and tried all of the products listed myself and truly believe they are all essentials!

Foldable Travel Water Bottle
Buying water can actually get really expensive especially in airports, its seriously crazy for a resource we need to survive. You can actually save a lot of extra money by bringing you own water bottle. These fold-able travel bottle are super handy as you can take them through airport security empty and them fill it up once you’re inside. It can also just be used as an everyday water bottle.

These bottles are perfect for traveling as the can be rolled up and literally take up no space at all (which I’m sure we are all tight on when traveling) Most of them also come with a little hook so you can connect them to your bag and not worry about having to carry it.

Packing Cubes
Do you find yourself with an insanely messy suitcase first day into your trip? Can never seem to keep all your belongings organized? Packing Cubes will literally change your life forever. The set I have (this one) come with 3 cubes and 3 pouches all in different sizes so you can fit different things in each one. For example one cube can hold all of your shorts and skirts and another can hold all your tops, or one pouch can hold your socks and another your swimwear. Its a really easy way to find your things in your suitcase and also to pack it easier (really good for those early morning wake ups)

I definitely recommend looking at getting these off eBay as in stores such as Kathmandu they are be really pricey for almost the exact same thing. And if you’re worries about quality, the set I have are actually pretty decent for the price I payed (around $8AUD) and I can see them lasting many more trips to come.

Toiletries Bag
This one is an absolute essential. You need somewhere to store all of your toiletries and it needs to be easily accessible. There are a lot of different options and styles of this but my personal fav is this one here, I just think it is the easiest to use and is just the right size, not too small but also makes me limit and unnecessary product I would usually bring that I can live without. 

You need to have one with a hook. Most hostels or even hotels don’t generally give you a lot of bench space in the bathroom so having the option to hang your toiletries bag will actually come in handy more than you would think. Also allows all the little compartments to be really accessible.

Travel Sized Bottles
I love these little guys, they are a game changer. They usually come in three different sizes, I personally go for the 80ml ones (like this) as I am a gal who loves her toiletries and skin care and really want to make sure I don’t run out of my fav products while traveling.

Why these are so amazing is because usually the actual travel sized product from a company are basically sample sized and only have a few uses in them, not to mention they are like extreme expensive for the amount of product you get. Where as these containers you can reuse many times and come all different sizes and you can decide depending on how long you’re going for and how much product you need. PS. they also come in some super cute colours!

Perfume Atomizer
For all my gals out there who carry a whole glass bottle of perfume with you when traveling, this one’s for you. These little perfume holders, which come in super cute colours like this, are such great ways to save space and weight in your luggage. Those glass bottle weigh a shitload so definitely swap them out for this little atomizer so you can still smell amazing when you’re traveling!

Cord Holder
With the 1094387 electronics we have these days, there 597379 cords to go with them, so how do you keep them organized when traveling? (or I actually have started to use it just at home its that handy) This cord holder thingy, I don’t really what its actually called (see exact product here) has lots off different compartments to hold cords (obviously) and a little pouch thingy (which I put my external hard drive in) and also an SD card holder, which is probably my fav part as those little things get lost so easily. The only thing I don’t like about it (which is only because I like things to be pretty) is the ugly green inside, I’m yet to find a pretty pink one or something.. 

Portable Charger
Running round all day using your phone for taking super cute pics, looking at maps trying to figure out where the hell you are, researching the best place to eat will seriously drain your battery like no tomorrow. Portable chargers are an amazing little thing to carry around while traveling not only do they charge your phone but they can also charge things like cameras, ipads and even laptops if you get a strong enough one. 

I have this one here, it doesn’t quite charge a laptop all though it is perfect for my phone and camera batteries, I can probably get about 6 or 7 chargers from it before it dies. I would definitely say get a charger that is at least 50,000mAH otherwise you’ll only get 1-2 max chargers and I just don’t think its worth it. You’ll feel like you’re charging the charger more than its charging your phone. 

Turkish Cotton Towels
If you’re a hostel traveler you’ll definitely need to bring a towel on your trip! Or if you’re heading to a beach destination you may need one as well. When I think of a travel towel I think of those micro fibre towels and I don’t know about you but I couldn’t think of anything worse than the feeling of using those towels, I HATE microfibre. So when I discovered Turkish cotton towels, I fell instantly in love. They are made from 100% cotton, dry super fast, are really compact and the best part is they just get softer and softer with every use! You’ll actually look forward to using it (pretty sure no one looks forward to using a microfibre…)

If you’re from AUS this seller is awesome and has seriously high quality towels, I’m taking 2 of them on my upcoming trip (one for showering and one for the beach) but if your from another country click on the heading for this section and find a good seller with maybe a little cheap shipping to your country!

GoPro Accessories
I seriously don’t think I know another millennial that doesn’t own a GoPro, they are seriously everywhere. They are seriously expensive and all the accessories are expensive to go with them. Until you found this little post, eBay has literally every single accessory you can think of at like a 5th of the price you would usually see. Have a little search through here and I think you’ll be surprised at the awesome range and super cheap price. I have bought a lot of different ones but if you want to see my essential then read my post about the perfect camera set up for any travel! I explain exactly which accessories you’ll actually use!

TSA Approved Locks
Locks are an essential on any trip. You should always ensure you are locking your suitcase or backpack or whatever bag you are taking with you. You never know who is handling your bags while with the airline and as much as you want to believe you are leaving them with trust worthy people, you actually have no idea what they are doing. By locking your bags you are ensuring no one has access to them.

If you’re staying at any hostels you’ll also need to bring locks along to lock the lockers they provide. Most often than not they do not come with locks of their own so to save a few extra dollars at every hostel, bring your own lock. Another plus is you only have to remember the 1 combination or worry about loosing a key. 

eBay has a huge selection of locks of any size and type, make sure you’re getting a TSA approved lock so you know it is actually going to keep your belongings safe. I would also suggest getting a combination lock so you don’t have to worry about losing the keys. 

I’v have a haul over on my youtube channel if you want to have a sneaky peek of everything I bought off eBay for my upcoming trip!

Hopefully these little guys have helped to make you’re packing a little easier! x


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