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Makeup is such a hard thing to pack, if you’re like me, a huge makeup addict, it can be even harder. What if I want to do a completely out there blue look? Or maybe I’ll want to do white liner? Who actually knows what makeup looks I’ll be feeling while I’m away! Well this is the post for you my friend..

Now I really hate to burst your bubble buuuut you won’t be doing that blue look or white liner while traveling. First of all there’s no way you can take all of those options, especially if you’re backpacking and secondly you really don’t want to be spending all that extra time in your makeup when you could be out exploring the world or getting a little extra shut eye from partying hard the night before.

As much as I totally love my makeup and a full beat, I just don’t think while you’re traveling is the time to do that. So I have slowly trained myself to pack less and less makeup every time I go somewhere and I think I have nailed down the perfect little kit. Now if you’re reading this thinking ‘ah she’s going to bring like three items’ well no, you’ll still be able to achieve a full face of makeup (or a lighter one for the days you just ceebs) with my list.

Here we go, my ‘light’ makeup packing list! I will let you guys know my fav products that I take but feel free to swap out for what you like!

Primer is something I will not skimp on, it’s a must if you want your foundation to last all day and if you’re in really hot places it will be your savior. My current favourite is the Stila One Step Correct as I have a super red face and it really helps to calm that down plus it’s moisturizing too. Otherwise if you’re a larger pore gal, which I am slightly I would bring that Benefit Porefessional it is the bomb at filling pores and fine lines

2. Foundation
This one is really a personal preference in my opinion make sure you’re bringing a foundation you know, love and trust. Something that works for your skin type and will stay on all day, it’s a plus if it has SPF in it because that will be another less product you will have to bring and your skin will be protected from the harsh sun. On my trip I brought 2 foundations because I will be spending 4 months in Europe so I knew I was going to get slowly darker from a natural tan as time went on and I didn’t want to be left without a foundation to match my skin tone. So I bought L’Oréal Infallible Pro Glow which matches me at my palest (for that start of the trip) and Makeup Forever HD Foundation to match me once I am a bit darker. You can totally cut this down to 1 option if you’re not expecting your skin colour to change. I also like to bring full coverage foundations as you can always mix them with a little bit of your face moisturizer to make them a little lighter coverage.

3. Concealar
I only like to bring 1 shade of concealer for brightening my under eyes as I feel my foundations and full coverage enough to cover any blemishes that may come up while travelling (those long haul flights don’t love my skin) My holy grail and concealer you’ll find with me every where is the M.A.C. Pro-long wear concealer in the shade NC20 seriously has the best coverage with out being caked whatsoever.

4. Powder
The powder area is probably one I still over pack a little bit but I just can’t give my 2 options up. I get really bad creasing under my eyes so I will always bake every single day so I will definitely bring the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and a little triangle sponge thing (do these have a real name?) as well. Then of course I need to bring an all over face powder.. see my problem here?! So I’ll bring the Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder. But if you’re not a baker you can definitely cut out the first one and just bring an all over face powder. Or if you’re super dry you could probably skip this all together.

5. Bronzer
If you can find a bronzer blush duo that you love definitely 100% bring that and cut out the next option but for me I am still yet to find one I absolutely love. I mean the NARS Laguna/orgasm duo is good and I know a lot of people that swear by it but for me it’s just not my absolute ride or die so I can’t commit to using for 6 months straight. I will be bringing Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Now this is my ride or die (but also the Benefit Hoola, it’s just too hard to choose between them!)

6. Blush
Not going to bang on about this one, hopefully you have a duo to bring but if not I’m taking the Milano Baked Blush in Luminoso!

7. Highlighter
This product may be the most important. You’re going on an amazing holiday and you want to look dewy as fck. My holy grail which I will now travel without the Becca Simmering Skin Perfecter in Champagne Pop this is the Jaclyn Hill collab and the colour is freaking amazing. It’s the perfect amount of a nice sheen not glittery champagney colour. Ah you’ll die the second you put it in, 100% give it a little swatch next time you’re in Sephora.

8. Brows
Pretty straight forward I feel, whatever your quick and easy brow routine is, bring those products. My perfect combo in the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Soft Brown, I can really create any type of brow with this, a super soft natural day time brow or sharpe as a krone Insta brow and I’ll always set is with the Benefit Gimme Brow. And done, perfect brows always.

9. Eyeshadow
Now this is the hard part, which eye shadow palette do you bring?! So many options.. My top tip is think about the one you reach for the most and is the most versatile. Something that will give you a super soft day time look but also the perfect night out look. My options for traveling is always and I mean always a z-palette. I just love how you can customize it and bring which ever shadows you’re feeling and also the perfect range for the looks you love. My palette has a range of Makeup Geek, Morphe and Anastasia Beverly Hills. And also that one random Sephora shadow and I am yet to find my perfect orange shade in a single shadow so I just mix the yellow and reddish shade to my liking! I also feel like this medium sized z-pallete is the best size to take. It’s not teeny tiny with only 4 shadows but it will still give you enough options without being excessive when you’re trying to save space.

10. Mascara
I always always will use 2 mascaras, I just feel like you can’t get long luscious lashes without using 2. Usually I’ll have 1 for thickness and adding volume to the top lashes and the second for separating the lashes out, adding length and a light coat on the bottom lashes. So my ultimate fav combo of mascaras is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (seriously you have to try it out) and the Jordana Best Lash Extreme, this guy is a little harder to get in Australia so every time I go to the US I stock up like crazy! If you think you’ll be swimming a lot and wanting to wear mascara you can always bring a waterproof option as well!

11. Setting spray
I feel like you’re already going to be able to guess what I’m going to say for setting spray. Urban Decay All Nighter, it keeps on your makeup forever, there’s not much else to say. I’ll use this every day for traveling so I don’t sweat off my makeup while out for the day!

12. Lip Products
For me I’m not a huge lip product person, I have super sensitive lips and am allergic to a lot of lip sticks, so you’ll probably only see me with lipstick on on a night out. So I will bring one option for that, which will be the LA Splash Liquid Lipstick in innocent vixen but if you’re wearing lip stick quite often I’d say bring 2 options! One for day and one for night!

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And thats everything! Hopefully I have help you out and packing your makeup for your next trip!!