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Ahh new blog?! First post?! What the heck do I write about..

For my first post on here I figured I should explain my plans for the rest of the year, cause you got to get to know me girl!

I am starting this blog partly because I think its a great way to reflect on my traveling and document it but also to share my experiences with you all and hopefully answer some of your travel questions.

My name, or the name I like to go by online is Rylie Lane. I also have a YouTube channel where I have a random mix of niches and make videos about anything I’m feeling at the time. YouTube is a great way for me to express my personality and you will really get to know me over there. I also have an Instagram (like any millennial these days) that is probably my fav platform! I like to take super fun photos and share them will you all, I also have all the other classic social media platforms, snapchat, twitter, pinterest.. blah blah, they will all be linked somewhere if you’re into that.

Now down to the reason you came to this post!


I feel like this years traveling went from 0 to 100 real quick. I started off my thinking this year would be perfect for a little Euro trip and somehow I’m now going traveling for 6 months… half the year.. wtf…
Don’t get me wrong I am insanely excited to be traveling for that long but like its a freakin long time. So basically as we speak I have a full time job within the fashion industry and my options were either to take 4 weeks paid annual leave or a 6 month career break in order to keep my job, so of course I went with the 6 month option.My current plan is a little all over the place, I have some of it planned, and some it completely unknown, some time with friends, some time with my mum and then a whole lot of time by myself. Now I have never actually ever traveled overseas by myself (except for 1 random flight from New York to Scotland, so weird right?!) so this is going to be an amazing crazy new experience for me.So I will be going to Europe, and doing all the classic western places, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Croatia, greek islands and all of that – you get the gist. Then I will be going on to South East Asia, well that’s the current plan, no flight yet just waiting to see where the universe takes me.While my traveling style will be backpacking during this adventure (mainly because I couldn’t afford to travel for this long any other way) by no means will I be caught in any other way but glam. I’m not a gal who can completely give up her makeup or where daggy travel clothing. I will be backpacking and moving from hostel to hostel but I will travel in style. I mean girl how you gon get those cute insta photos?!

So I hope all you babes will join me on this fun crazy journey! x

 Watch more about my traveling plans in 2017 here: