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How to set goals, a topic with a lot of different opinions and methods. Should you write them down or keep them in your head? Should you aim for the biggest of the best goals or keep them more attainable? So many questions.

I will be sharing with you babes the method of goal setting that works for me and it’s most achievable. In no way am I saying that there aren’t others way to set and reach your goals but this is what I found to work best. Give it a go and let me know what you think. If it’s not for you then all good try another method but do not give up!

Why Set Goals?

Your brain is sort of like a dog being let outside for the first time in 4 hours. Runs around going completely crazy, running to every corner of the yard, might start digging up some dirt or ruining the garden. Your brain does the same thing, it will have a million different things running through it and often settles on the negative thinking or bad thoughts.

Goal Setting helps to give your brain a focus and something to focus on instead of letting it run free. The brain can often think really detrimental thoughts but by giving the goals this gives it guidelines on what to think about and helps to remove those bad thoughts.

Choose Your Goals

The first step is to actually decide what goals to choose. The method the has worked the best for me is one Brooke Castillo mentions in her life school podcast. The idea is to write down goals that you have actually achieved already within the goals you want to achieve in the future.

So an example of 3 goals I have are:

1. I Have a Youtube Channel

2. I Will Continually Create Videos I Am Proud of

3. I Will Hit 20,000 Subscribers by March 2018

So I have already achieved the first 2 goals and the 3rd is what I am working towards. You can do this with multiple things you would like to work on as well. This method helps the negative and self-doubt thinking because you can see you have already reached 2 out of the 3 goals.

Also, notice the tense the goals are set in. Write them in a way that you are actually achieving them not just wanting to plus a time frame for the goal I haven’t yet achieved. 

Write Them Down

There’s a lot of different opinions about writing goals down but I find personally if you don’t write them down you aren’t reminded that you have made those goals and actually commit to it. It’s just another thought in your brain that comes and goes.

Write down your goals so you can look at them every day and remind yourself of what you are working towards.

Action Plan

Now to actually figure out how to get to those goals. Your brain is going to automatically go to the self-doubt and I can’t do that attitude. Using this method and help prevent that.

Take your mind to a place of already achieving the goal you are focusing on. Then work backwards. 

So I imagine hitting 20,000 subscribers. How did I get the last 1 thousand? I ran a giveaway and the rules to enter where to subscribe to my youtube channel. Then think about how I gained the last 2 thousand and so on.



Do you set goals and then never actually achieve them? This goal setting method will teach you how to set goals and crush them! Click to achieve your goals now!

Do you set goals and then never actually achieve them? This goal setting method will teach you how to set goals and crush them! Click to achieve your goals now!