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So of course I do vlog all of my trips however I really like to keep all of my camera equipment to a minimum and I really think this can apply to anyone wanting to document their trip!
Photos and videos of what you get up to traveling, in my opinion is so important. Your memories will fade and you’ll forget if you went to that on particular place but those photos and video will always be there, reminding you of all the amazing times you had. And the perfect equipment will make this so much easier.
I have listed my absolute essentials below!

Canon G7X
This is my preferred camera to take traveling as it is perfect for vlogging but also takes great photos and is super compact! While DLSRs can take amazing images it is more often than not I am getting other (less experienced) people to be taking photos of me and they just do not know how to adjust all the settings to take a great photo, the automatic feature is perfect for this! It also holds a lot of other great features that can be customized when your using the camera yourself. And the absolute best feature is that it has in-built wifi so you can connect straight to you phone to transfer the images over. It also has the capability to be controlled from your phone as well, if you’re looking for that.

An absolutely essential for any trips that involves water or adventurous activities. GoPros have so many good features, and soo many accessories, which I will talk about a little later! There is a crazy amount of different models and really depends on the quality you are after and how much you’re willing to pay. If you are going to invest in a GoPro I really will suggest to at get a 3 plus model or higher. Any models lower than that you can really see the lower quality images. The one I personally have is the 3 plus Black and I think its a really good mid range option. My fav thing to do with a GoPro is to put it on the the continuous photo taking mode so it will take photos every few seconds and its an awesome way to get those really candid in the moment photos!

GoPro Accessories
There are literally a billion of different random contraptions you can get for GoPros, I have tried many of them and a lot of them are pretty useless if I’m being honest. I will always have a floaty pole when I’m in the water, as I can attach the wrist strap to me and it will just stay afloat right next to me no matter what I’m doing, I wont have to worry about letting go and loosing it. And the second attachment I bring (which you could probably actually leave behind on most trips) is a wrist mount. This is super handy for really adventurous, thrill seeking activities, such as paragliding or jet-skiing. It allows you to attach your GoPro to your wrist with no worries about having to try and hold onto it!

Other Random Things…
A few other things I wanted to mention that are camera related, extra SD cards, these things fill up like crazy so I will always carry around extra ones. Spare Batteries, this will really depend on how much you use your camera per day but I definitely carry around a spare charged battery, and also just to add in I like take with me a battery charger that can be charged by a USB port, this way you can charge them on buses and planes while in transit!

That is literally it, so nice and compact but all the essentials to get some great photos and videos of your adventures! x