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Don’t we all want more energy? These days we are basically all taught that we are always tired. Isn’t this why so many people survive off coffee just to get through their day to day life.

Well, I am here to break it to you, you don’t need coffee to survive and you shouldn’t need coffee just to get through the day. This is literally why you are feeling tired. But anyway I am not here to give you a live lecture. I am here to share my tips with you on how to feel more energised when you feel like you’re lacking the energy part.

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Power Nap

If you have the time for it, have a super quick power nap. Make sure to set an alarm so you don’t fall asleep for hours and mess up your sleeping pattern. The ideal time for a power nap is between 20 and 40 minutes. This way you do not actually fall into a deep sleep and it will make it much easier to wake up from the nap leaving you feeling energised instead of groggy and just wanting to sleep for the rest of the day.


Did you know energy attracts energy? Ever noticed you feel much more tired when you have been super lazy laying on the couch all day compared to when you have actually done lots of energetic things throughout the day? That’s why. So even though you may feel like exercising is the last thing you want to be doing just push yourself to get a little active. It doesn’t have to be anything really intense, just a nice brisk walk or something that will get your heart rate up.


I feel like I use meditate as an answer for everything and that’s because it does fix so so many problems. When I’m feeling tired I use a meditation that is made to give you more energy. I will link a really awesome one here although you can just google and find something that works for you.

Healthy Snack

Even though you may have that urge to just grab the greasiest thing you can get your hands on. You must resist. This is only going to further make you feel sluggish and give you no energy whatsoever. Try something that’s green. Greens are full of nutrients and that’s exactly what you need when your feeling tired, so make a yummy green smoothie. My fav combo is kale, spinach, banana, a plant-based milk and my secret ingredient to make it super yummy is a vanilla plant protein, yum! Gives it that sweeter flavour instead of just plain green.

Skip The Energy Drink

You’re feeling tired right, well isn’t that what energy drinks are for? No. They are not. When you drink an energy drink or even coffee for that matter your adrenal glands stop producing adrenaline because they are getting it from somewhere else (the energy drink) and the more this occurs the less you will produce the adrenaline and the more energy drinks you will need.

See the never-ending cycle, energy drinks are not the answer to your problems.

Don’t Tell Yourself You’re Tired

When you are saying “I’m so tired” “I feel exhausted” you are making your body actually feel even more tired. Your thoughts will attract what you are feeling. I know it may be hard to just instantly start saying “I’mĀ full of energy” when you feel tired but just start slowly by stopping the ‘I’m tired’ and gradually move into the ‘I have so much energy’



Feeling tired all the time? Here are my top tips on how to have more energy without caffeine! Click through to get more energy instantly!