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I never really understood feeling grounded. Why would you want to feel like your stuck in the one place? Was my view on it until I learnt the real meaning of grounding and how to truly feel it and then it pretty much changed my life!

Do you feel stressed and anxious easily? Being grounded will bring you back to the present moment and bring happiness into your life! Click the image!

What is Grounding?

Being grounded is like being a big strong tree. You won’t blow away in the wind and if something happens around you, it won’t rattle you. Whereas if you’re not grounded you’re like a leaf, a small gust of wind and your more than rattled.

The idea of being grounded is to be centred within yourself and constantly be in a state of mindfulness. Where you are living in the present moment and not thinking about the “what ifs”. Small things that may bug another person such as someone cutting you off in traffic you will just brush off and other examples on a much larger scale.

Do you find it hard to be mindful in your daily life? Check out these exercises to help you live more mindfully!

Mindful Exercises For Everyday Life

Mindful exercises
Start living more mindfully by using these exercises daily and begin your journey to inner peace, joy and happiness

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How to Eat to Feel More Grounded?

A simple way to feel more grounded every day is to include more grounding foods in your diet. Root vegetables are the way to go. Vegetables like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, ginger, radish, garlic and onion. Cook up a big pot of yummy stew with all of these vegetables and take your time eating mindfully.

Be More Grounded

I recently went on a retreat and this is really where I learnt and began to understand the meaning of grounding. So I really wanted to share the exercise they taught us in order to feel more grounded that really stuck with me. Mind you now that I’m back to reality and stuck in the fog of my 9-5 I have been really bad at sticking to this exercise and I can completely notice the difference. So this here is really just a reminder to me to get back on track and start my practice again. And hopefully get you, babes, a little more grounded!

  1. Start with your eyes closed and take a big mindful deep breath. Your focus here is to clear your mind and let everything from your day that has just past or anything that’s on your mind from tomorrow be free. Repeat a few times until your mind is clear and your focus is within.
  2. On your inhales focus on bringing in positive energy, happiness, peace and anything that brings you joy. On your exhales focus on pushing out negative energy, stress, anxiety, depression and anything that is bringing you down.
  3. Now bring your attention down to your feet and imagine roots growing out from underneath your feet. Roots that go deep down into the earth’s soil and connect you with the ground. Bringing yourself into the present moment and at peace with the earth that we walk on every day.
  4. Continue for 5-10 minutes or how every long you feel you need.

This exercise is best done on natural surfaces such as dirt, grass, sand or rocks with bare feetto help feel the earth’s energy.