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Instagram has seriously become the queen of all social media and one of the keys to mastering a Insta account is your photos. Amazing images are basically the main reason why people follow you, it’s what the whole platform is about.

I think after a spending a few years on this platform and not really taking is seriously until around a year ago I finally figured out the perfect way to edit Instagram photos. And this can really apply to all sorts of accounts. I’ll show you how I edit all of my photos and achieve a really cohesive feed, the apps I use and the exact way of editing my photos.


First of all, the camera I use is the Canon G7X! I really think this is an awesome camera for Insta photos because it’s super compact, it’s has automatic and manual options and a selfie screen that flips, hello next level selfies. I also love that is has in built wi-fi so you can connect it straight to your phone and transfer the images over instantly, no fumbling around with a laptop and trying to get them on your phone without loosing the quality. It’s is seriously so handy and I will never turn back to take photos with my phone now, I just think it doesn’t even compare.


Now to the editing of the photos. I use a few different app all for different reasons.

This is definitely not a secret, every man and his dog uses this app for editing photos but I’m here to tell you a few little tips to help you get the most out this app. First of all it has all of the expected features of a photos editing app, effects, brightness, contrast, crop blah blah. But what I really love about this app is you can copy the exact way a photo is edited and place that on to another photo, this is a really good way to help you create a cohesive feed. Now all of your photos will be edited the same and then I’ll go in a just make a few tweaks to suit that exact photo.

Also another awesome way of suing this app is to go on Pinterest and search ‘VSCO filters’ and it will come up with a whole bunch of different ways to edit photos and give you the exact steps to achieving that effect. Now you can apply them to your own photos and then copy it across to all of them in only a few simple steps. It is also free with lots of filter options and you can also purchase filters if you like any of them!


I feel like face time has a bad rep sometimes, there are some people who really don’t know how to use it well and photos end up way too overly edited and just look completely fake. Please ignore that because it can be used to really transform your images, if you are a makeup poster or even if you’re not there still a few good uses for this app. On my makeup selfies I like to use the smoothing effect, only ever so slightly by tap on an area that looking a little too textured (instead of rubbing the whole area) and also to smooth out my smile lines cause I can not stand them! Then I will use the detail tool so bring out the colour in my eyes and any colour in the makeup. Then the whitening to for things like teeth, eyes and highlighter. I feel like this sounds like a lotttt of editing but trust me I only change it very very slightly, all of the tiny tiny changes just make the photo look that little bit better. I don’t think I can stress enough, tiny. Tiny tiny tiny!
This guy isn’t free unfortunately but is only a few dollar, completely affordable!


This one is totally unnecessary but I do get a lot of questions when I post a photo I made with this edit so I thought I would add it in. It makes your images into sort of gifs with glitches in the photo?? I feel like that a real bad explanation, how about I just leave an example here! This is a paid app.


This app is completely for planning out my feed and seeing how new photos will look with my existing content. All you have to do is drag and hold to move the pictures around and test how they will look before you post them, this is a crucial step for creating a cohesive feed! It also has the option to write out your caption and hashtags ahead of time and then you can post to Instagram straight from the app. So simple. This is a really great way to plan out your feed in advance and what you will post for the next week or month with captions and everything. It is free with a limited about of spaces and you can purchase extra spaces if you need them.

And thats everything I do to edit my Instagram photos! Make sure to follow me over on Instagram and leave a comment so I know you came from here and I can check out your account!


 How to edit Instagram photos to achieve a perfect and cohesive Instagram feed! All the apps and tips youll need to edit photos to gain more followers and have that next level Instagram