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If you’re a returning gal pal then you would know this but if you’re a newbie gal pal then hello you are gorg and have a bomb af day and now I’m off topic. You wouldn’t know that I in-fact live and breathe Youtube! I have my own YouTube channel where a whole bunch of random topics are talked about and you basically get to see into my whole life. So, of course, following on from this obsession I am constantly watching other YouTubers 24/7.

So I thought why not share all my secret YouTube lovers with the internet and get you hooked on their videos and life too. This post will just share a broad group of gals who I find really inspiring but if you after something a little more specific, like girl boss YouTubers or something then leave a comment down below and I will be happy to share!

Looking for a little more inspiring youtubers to watch? These youtubers will make you want to reach for the stars! Click to watch their videos!

Cartia Mallan

I have been following Cartia for years now. Like seriously if I bumped into her on the street then I would probably be able to have a complete conversation about her whole life story.

The thing that draws me into Cartia is her personality, she is so free and happy with everything, she makes you feel like life is more than what you see. She makes videos from awesome vlogs (her editing skills are out of this world) to self-care videos and of course the sneaky try on hauls giving your gal so much fashion inspo I need a new closet!

Erin Henry

This gal is your #1 girl boss! Erin runs her own coaching business and you see her completely transform a small idea into a full-blown business across her youtube time. If I’m ever feeling unmotivated Erin is the girl I go to. She knows what she talking about and talks very well about it, gets her point across without babbling on and gives the perfect amount of information.

She makes videos all about mindset, manifestation and living that girl boss life as her cute little intro will tell you right away! I totally recommend checking her out if you’re feeling a little lost or unmotivated.

Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn is actually just a bundle of joy. Her bubbly, bright and happy personality always puts me in a good mood. And of course, she has a freaking cute ass dog named Bentley that is featured in almost every video because you can’t have a dog that cute and not feature it.

She makes a whole range of videos about her life with her weekly Sunday vlogs, getting organised and planning, her morning and night routines, travelling, coffee talks and challenges. This girls channel is a one-stop for anything and everything a millennial needs.


Aileen Xu is the beautiful girl behind Lavendaire. Aileen has the sweetest personality and her presence (well presence on my computer screen) instantly lights up my mood. She is all about being your own artist of life. She has created a workbook to help you achieve your goals and create the life of your dreams. However, you can still get heaps of awesome info from just watching her videos.

Her videos are about creating your own life exactly the way you want it to be and she pops a bit of travel in there too, which always gets my approval! Her soft, airy theme through every video makes for the perfect inspo vibe.

Olivia Vargus

I have only found this girl recently and oh god has she blown up. Olivia is a college student living up life in LA with a super sassy attitude. She shared her weight loss journey (which is how I originally found her) and it really helped give a different perspective to a healthy mindset to weight loss and health.

She is always promoting a positive mindset and strives to live in the present moment. I am always loving her weekly vlogs where she has a cheat day on Saturday and eats unbelievably amazing vegan junk food, seriously some of the things she eats I didn’t even know were real! She shares tips on, being vegan, living a healthy lifestyle and surviving college life.

Sarahs Day

I definitely had to leave the best for last my friends. Sarahs Day. She is seriously booming on youtube at the moment, she just hit 500K as I’m writing this and in my opinion, that should be 500 million. She has the best way of expressing her personality on camera and actually making you feel like your just one of her friends spending the day with her. Her boyfriend Kurt is always there laughing at every silly thing Sarah does, they are seriously couple goals.

She started her channel when she was trying to cure her hormonal acne and it has naturally evolved into a health channel where Sarah shares all of her daily life struggles and how she cures them in a natural holistic way. Somehow this amazing girl turns everything any other person would be extremely down about into a new challenge to test herself, her knowledge and curing through holistic medicine.

Don’t know about you but I get way too invested in YouTubers lives and I talk about them like I know them personally! Who is your fav YouTuber? Leave a comment below!


Looking for a little more inspiring youtubers to watch? These youtubers will make you want to reach for the stars! Click to watch their videos!