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We all want to be healthy, right? We all know we should be healthy.

Leading a healthy and happy lifestyle should just be a natural thing to us but due to so many distractions in the world, that’s not always the case. Starting these little habits in your twenties will set you up to have a long happy and healthy life! So start today, it’s not that hard I promise and before you know it they will come naturally to you!

Everyone know we need to live a healthy life, but how exactly do you do that? I am giving 57 healthy habits to start in your twenties to help you set up a happy and healthy life!

1. Put down your phone when you’re out with people

For some reason in this day and age people seems to think to be on your phone while with another person is still spending time with them, it’s not. Actually, have a face to face conversation with someone you’re with and be fully present in that conversation.

2. Understand that exercise doesn’t have to be a big time commitment

Download the Seven app and do a 7-minute workout. We can all fit in 7 minutes for our health and fitness per day.

3. Cut back on (evil) sugar

Sugar is addictive and is extremely bad for you, it can cause weight gain, diabetes, liver failure, and heart disease just to name a few. Start slowly cutting down on the amount of bad sugars you eat and feel the difference.

Don’t know the difference between good and bad sugar? Here’s a perfect explanation

4. Ask HR about benefits you’re probably not using

I got 6 months leave to travel from my work by doing this, just ask it can’t hurt. Or look through your policies on an internet if your company has one.

5. NEVER grocery shop on an empty stomach

This always leads to a bad outcome, you will be more likely to buy unhealthy quick and easy foods instead of wholesome healthy foods. Eat something before you go, you’ll thank me later.

6. Keep healthy snacks at home and at work

When you go for that grocery shop not hungry think about what easy and healthy snacks you can get to leave in places you usually get a little peckish. This will stop you from driving past Maccas drive-thru on the way home.

7. Eat whole foods as much as possible

The world has so much processed food these days, even food that is marketed as healthy can be highly processed. Try to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrain, etc as much as you possibly can!

8. Consolidate and pay off debt ASAP

That interest is just going up and up and you’re paying out more and more money you don’t need to.

9. Don’t snack if you’re not hungry

Listen to this podcast by Brooke Castillo on a different way to look at eating and stop eating when your body doesn’t need it.

10. Use SPF

We all want to look younger than we actually are and wearing SPF all the time will really help to prevent premature ageing. Try this organic one to help keep your skin in tip top shape!

11. Try to drink at least 2L of water a day

Your body is made up of 60% water you need it to survive. Stay hydrated, don’t like the taste of water? Try these infused waters for a little extra healthy taste and pop it in this gorg water bottle!

12. Don’t buy things you know you’ll only wear once

This is asking to waste money, make sure if you buy something especially for an event, that there is somewhere else you can wear it.

13. Drop loose change into the same jar daily

Buy a cute money jar and get motivated to put any change you come home with daily in there, it will add up faster than you think.

14. Stand up for yourself

Don’t let people walk all over you if something’s not right say it.

15. Listen to your body

I definitely got this habit from Sarah’s Day on youtube, it’s her life motto. Go check her out for some awesome health and fitness tips plus you’re always guaranteed a laugh!

16. Don’t skimp on sleep

You need 6-8 hours per night, so get it.

17. Read labels on everything from food to makeup

You never know what extra little nasty things are put into products these days, make you are 100% aware of what you are putting into your body.

18. Count to 10 when you’re angry

And think will this matter to me in a year, probably not.

19. Learn to take constructive criticism

People will only say it to you to make you a better person, so take it on board.

20. Never let google diagnose you

Google isn’t a doctor, go to a real one.

21. Start meditating

Meditating can reduce stress and anxiety and help calm the mind to live a better life. I love the app headspace but if you’re looking for a free way to meditate then check out the Meditation Mini podcast by Chel Hamilton.

22. Find your healthy eating style

Don’t eat a salad for every meal when you don’t like salads just because its “healthy” find healthy food you actually like and eat that.

23. Eat some more green stuff

Kale, Spinach, Rocket, Broccoli, what evergreens you like find extra ways to fit them in your food

24. Turn off the snooze button on your alarm

Having the option to snooze on your alarm is literally telling yourself it’s okay to snooze. So how do you ever expect to get up on time? Turn it off.

25. Use a smaller plate if you’re an overeater

It’s actually really surprising how much the eyes can trick us on how much we should eat. Try switching out to a smaller plate for a few meals and you’ll see the difference straight away.

26. Give meal prepping a go if you’re a busy gal

Here’s a whole bunch of tips to get you started and loving meal prepping.

28. Be the first to apologize and the first to forgive

Grudges are something you hold in primary school when Mary stole your texta.

25. Kill ‘em with kindness

Being nice doesn’t cost you anything but can make another person’s day a whole lot brighter.

26. Make time for yourself

You deserve a little me time, treat yo’ self girl!

27. Learn how to be good with your money

Having a good relationship with money is the first step to take, then try out some of my tips on being rich in your twenties

28. Not everyone going to like you and that’s okay

You don’t have to be everybody’s best friend, sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

29. Create a morning routine you look forward to every day

Nothing will get out of bed faster than doing activities you love in the morning, have a yummy breakfast prepared and listen to a new book on audible

30. And a night routine

Prepare yourself for that morning routine.

31. Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself doesn’t have to cost you anything, check out the FREE ways I invest in myself!

32. Don’t ever skip breakfast

Your mum always told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason.

33. Practice Self-care

Here are 60 ways you can practice self-care right now.

34. Leave the past in the past, think about your future

There is no point in wallowing in the past, it’s gone. Look forward to the bright exciting future that’s coming.

35. Create the life you want

Law of attraction, intentional living, lifestyle design, visualization whatever method you like to use start creating the life you want today. Don’t wait any longer, you have the power to create the life you want.

36. Live more mindfully

Check out my post all about how to live more mindfully and achieve inner happiness

37. Set goals, track them and achieve them

Start by writing your major goals down then break those down into smaller more achievable tasks you can tackle weekly or monthly and you’ll get to those goals in no time. If you want to know a little more in depth about how I set my goals and actually reach them then give this post a read!

38. Don’t compare yourself to others

You aren’t that girl you’re stalking on insta so don’t compare yourself to her.

39. Make a list of places you want to visit

Keeping all your travel plans trapped in your head isn’t going to get you there anytime soon, write them down and you’ll be much more motivated to make them happen. You won’t be trapped in your 9-5 dreaming anymore, you’ll be out there seeing the world.

40. Pay off and chop up that credit card

You shouldn’t be spending money you don’t have simply because you don’t have it yet. Credit cards are a sure way to rack up debt and we aren’t about that debt life here, so get rid of the card, you don’t need it. I have never had a credit card and have no plans to ever have one, everyone can get by without it.

41. Use your annual leave days

They are there so why not take them.

42. Don’t drink your calories

Stick to water or tea without sugar or milk, not only are you staying hydrated but also leaves a few more calories to eat something yummy!

43. Detox Daily 

My fav detox is a lemon water, tastes yummy, is so simple to make and is so good for your insides.

44. Sit Less, Stand more

Take the stairs, walk a few extra blocks to your car, stand up on calls and if you’re in an office job try these standing desk hacks,

45. Don’t be afraid to dream big

You never know what might happen, so why not dream for the biggest and best (you can get there if anyone else can)

46. Balance your scales

Money vs Time, Work vs Play, Healthy vs Treats. Life is all about finding that perfect balance so try to find it during your twenties and it will carry through your whole life.

47. Keep learning

Skillshare is my fav place to learn new things every day, I talk about this all the time so why aren’t you signed up yet?

48. Wake up at the same time every day

This is a tip I have noticed about all successful people, always getting out of bed at the same time to help keep that routine in their body.

49. Measure success with happiness rather than wealth

Being successful isn’t about how much money you earn. At the end of your life, you aren’t going to look back and think about how much money you had, you’ll think about all the amazing memories and experience you had.

50. Choose a positive attitude

Be positive and positive things will happen to you!

51. Learn to be single

It’s okay to be single, in fact, some may argue its better in your 20s. This is your time to do whatever your heart desires, you don’t need to be answering to anyone.

52. Fill your fridge with healthy foods

How can you eat healthy if your fridge is filled with bad foods?

53. Count colours, not calories

A colourful plate is what you should aim for every meal, this will mean you’re getting all the nutrients you need. The number of calories won’t tell you that.

54. Take a lunch break walk

How many times do you hear the excuse ‘I don’t have enough time to exercise’ you’re probably using it too! Walk during your lunch break, it’s a great way to fit in some extra movement in your day and gets you away from the dreaded desk for a little while.

55. Get in the kitchen

This is one of the tips I suggested in How To Be Rich In Your 20s but not only does it save you money, its also with ensure you’re eating healthier and are aware of exactly what’s going into your body from the food you’re eating.

56. Ignore the scales

We often get really caught up with the number we see on the scales and realistically this magical number cannot tell you how healthy you are. So stop obsessing over the number you’re seeing and focus on eating wholesome healthy foods and exercising regularly

57. Achieve those dreams using law of attraction

It’s taken me a little bit to understand how the law of attraction actually works and this book completely cleared it up for me.



Everyone know we need to live a healthy life, but how exactly do you do that? I am giving 57 healthy habits to start in your twenties to help you set up a happy and healthy life!