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Journalling is a scary concept to some. Just being given a piece of paper and told to write… What the hell do I write?! Well scroll down girl and learn the benefits of journalling and find the sneaky list of journal prompts at the bottom to help you get started.

Do you journal? Looking for a way to clear your mind? Here are 5 ways journaling changed my life and can change yours too! Click the image to see how!

Future Journaling

One of the main reasons I started journaling was because of future journaling. I bet you’re wondering what in the world is future journaling?! Time travelling to just journal in the future why would you do that when you could meet the new queen.. well it’s almost like that.

The idea is that you write in your journal in a way that you have already achieved your goals or aspirations. Why do that? Because this is the exact way that law of attraction works, seeing and believing that you can achieve your goals will actually get you to achieve them. Your brain will already be in the mindset that you have achieved them and you’ll be there before you know it.

On top of reaching my goals through this method, I love doing it for motivation. Seeing that I can achieve my goals and what it will look like when I am there pushes me to do anything and everything I need to get there. It’s a really awesome way to get yourself out of a rut if you’re really deep down there!

Clear Your Mind

Clearing my mind especially before bed is now one of my daily essentials. Your mind is so busy thinking of everything and anything you’ve seen, done or need to see an do, it needs a break. It needs to feel clear and in the present moment.

Being in the present moment is a very difficult task to learn but once you’re there life is true happiness. I believe journalling helps you get to feel that present moment because letting out all those thoughts and feelings about the past and present that you have spinning through your head allows them to be free. This leaves your mind to only focus on the present moment, living in the here and now.

As I mentioned I like to use this task just before bed and especially on those days where I feel like I have three million and two things to do. If I get it all out on paper before trying to go to sleep when my mind is clear, free from all of those thoughts because they have already been written down and cleared. They will be dealed with at a later time and right now I just need to sleep.

Free Thoughts

We all have this tendency, myself included *rolls eyes* to constantly overthink, over analyze and be super judgmental of ourselves. So much unnecessary thinking that most of the time will just bring us down.

When you journal the idea is that you let your thoughts be free, write them down as they are without any judgement or criticism. Journalling is meant to be messy, just like our minds on a piece of paper. Let them be and notice how much lighter you feel without all that clutter in your mind.

Don’t force yourself to do it daily

Journalling doesn’t have to be a daily thing. Sometimes we don’t need or feel like it, so don’t force yourself. Otherwise, it will be something you start to resent and will never keep up. Only journal when you feel the need to when your mind is crazy, busy or lost.

Be More Mindful

Journaling allows you to get those stories you are believing out of your mind and allows you to start living in the present moment. In my post about living more mindfully and achieving inner peace and happiness, you will learn the importance of living in the present moment and getting rid of those stories, thoughts and worries will get you there.

Journal Prompts

1 thing I need to work on is

I am most proud of

Something I’d like to achieve one day

Best advice I could have given younger me

The thing I am most afraid to tell people is

I am most thankful for

My biggest fear is because

My all-time dream is

I see myself in 5 years

My favourite feature of myself is

My current emotion is

My current priorities are 12

…. means the world to me because…

My biggest life lesson so far is

When I die I want people to remember me by

Something I want to learn

I can take better care of myself by

My strengths are

I want to learn

Something that is bothering me is

One thing I would change about the world is

If I had the courage, I would

My ideal day is

If life stopped today, I would regret

The qualities I admire in others are



Do you journal? Looking for a way to clear your mind? Here are 5 ways journaling changed my life and can change yours too! Click the image to see how!