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Packing for a longer trip can be very daunting, not even to mention if you’re going to different countries with different weather conditions. Who knows what type of adventures you’ll get up to and what clothes you’ll need for that. Maybe you’ll get sick, and will need medication, but how will you find any in a country that speaks a different language.
If this is whats running through you head right now, you have definitely come to the right post. I had all of those questions before planning out my perfect packing list.
I have put together the perfect packing list for a 2+ month Europe back packing trip, I’ll be going for 4 months but once you get past the 2 month mark, its all same same because you’ll have to be washing your clothes. I should probably also mention, this is definitely a summer packing list and I am not planning on looking like a hobo everyday, there’s hella cute but very practical clothing included, to get all your perfect intsa pics!
The bag I am taking is the Kathmandu Terrane Adapt 70L this particular one I have is an older style but the updated version can be found here if you’re interested, these styles are include wheels so you have the option to use it like a suitcase or a backpack. I will also be taking a Macpac 30L Backpack as my sort of carry on luggage and if I need a larger bag for a day trip of some sort.
I would totally 100% recommend a backpack with wheels because I don’t know about you but the through of having to carry that thing on my back every single time doesn’t make me jump with joy.
I am literally listing every single that can be found in my backpack, so get prepared for a long ass list babes!


7 Tops
2 basic short sleeve tees,1 stripe (or plain or pattern, whatever your preference) long sleeve tee, 1 cute crop , 1 cute tie up top , 1 singlet body suit (this could totally just be a regular singlet), 1 Cami (part of a set with shorts)
4 Shorts
1 Blue Denim, 1 Black Denim, 1 Grey Shorts (part of the set mentioned earlier), 1 casual fabric short (i literally have no idea how to describe this but basically a comfy pair of shorts that aren’t denim)
1 Skirt
1 denim skirt (you could total bring more skirts instead of a short option but I’m just more of a short gal)
2 Pants
1 pair of leggings, 1 pair of black jeans
6 Dresses/playsuits
totally up to you what style, think is more of a personal preference thing
2 Warm things
I’m choosing to bring 1 crew neck jumper & 1 light bomber jacket, but as long as it something easy to throw on if it s little chilly should be fine – I will also be bringing a denim jacket as I will be spending 10 days in Ireland where it will be freezing but if you’re only going to warmer places you probably wont need this.
Underwear & Socks
12 Pairs of underwear – so I can wash almost every 2 weeks-ish
5 pairs of socks – 2 invisible, 2 ankle, 1 crew
2 Bikinis, 1 One Piece
Active Wear
1 Active Singlet, 1 Active Shorts, 1 Crop Top
1 PJ top & 1 PJ Shorts
4 Pairs of shoes
Sneakers (everyday walking shoes) Docs (Festival & Clubbing shoes), Sandals & Thongs


This really depends on how much you like to accessorize, not really a necessity but I will still list exact what I’m taking below
Various Chokers, Earrings & Rings – Packing Hack put these in a pill box (from a $2 store) and it will keep them nicely packed away.
Western Style Belt
Straw Hat
3 Pairs of Sunglasses – 1 Nicer pair and 2 cheaper ones that I will most likely throw away once I get over wearing them. This could probably be cut down to 1 or 2 options


Check out my makeup packing post video here!


Face Cleanser, Face Moisturizer, Micellar Water, Cotton Rounds, Makeup Wipes, Shampoo Conditioner, Body Wash, Shaver, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Sunscreen, Face Sunscreen, Body Moisturizer, Hair Brush, Curling Wand (or Straightener, depending on how you do your hair), Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Perfume, Lip Balm, Small Mirror

First Aid Kit

Bandaids, Panadol, Vitamin C, Melatonin, Berocca, Electrolytes, Clearing Nasal Spray, Hand Sanitizer, B Complex Vitamin, Needle & Thread, Saftey Pins


2 Turkish Cotton Towels – for the shower & beach
Locks – for bags and Hostel Lockers
Tote Bag – canvas type one for carry laundry, things to the shower etc
Travel Clothes Line & Washing Liquid
And thats everything! I think this is definitely the perfect comprise for an over-packer. There is still enough options to make heaps of outfits just make sure the colours and patterns you’re choosing can match with all of the other pieces as well and you wont even notice you packed half as much as you usually do.
I will have a carry on list up shortly – Follow my Instagram to know when its live!
Watch my packing video here: