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So many people have said to me “oh I wished I traveled more when I was younger” or “my 20-something trip was the best thing I’ve ever done” Traveling is so insanely good for you for so many reasons and I believe every single person should see the world.
This list totally doesn’t just apply to when you’re 21, I’m really talking any age.
1. We are never guaranteed old age, so enjoy life experiences now
2. You will discover yourself
3. Traveling teaches you to live an adventure
4. Theres always something new to taste
5. Traveling helps you learn who you are
6. Traveling empowers you to take on new challenges
7. Traveling makes you realize it not all about you
8. Traveling helps you determine your purpose in life
9. Travel opens your eyes
10. You will meet more people than you can imagine
11. Every turn will make a new memory
12. Traveling proves that dreams do come true
13. Traveling releases stress
14. Traveling brings out your adventurous spirit
15. Traveling changes the way you see the world
16. Traveling makes you push your limits
17. Traveling helps you become more compassionate
18. Traveling changes the way you relate to others
19. Traveling helps you see past the myths and stereotypes
20. Traveling enhances creativity
Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to go get those traveling dreams! x
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